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Day 3 of New York City

Boy, What a Day!!
This is Day 3 of our trip to New York City.  This post is going to be straight to the point and brief!  I am so tired I can hardly write, so you are only going to get the bare facts of the day.

We got up at 4 am and headed to Rockefeller Center.  We wanted to be on the Today show!  They also have concerts on Fridays in the summertime.  The concert today was The Back Street Boys and New Kids on the Block.  So we got in line at 4:30 am and waited, waited, waited.  The daughters were very excited to hear these two groups.

We then took a bus tour of upper Manhattan.  This was a tour that allowed you to jump on and off the bus as you wanted to.

So we jumped off and spent a little time in Central Park....

We visited St. Paul's Cathedral.....

We took a tour of the United Nations....

We explored Little Italy and had a great dinner there....

And we ended the day with a 2 hour night time bus tour.

Now I am going to bed.  It was a great day but I am totally exhausted!

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