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"What I Have Learned This Year" Linky Party

Today I learned that there is such a thing called a "linky party".  Apparently it links all of us participants together.  I learned about this on a blog called, "Life in Special Education".   I am a newcomer to the world of linky parties, but it sounds like fun.  Let's see if I can figure out how this works!

As stated on the blog, Life in Special Education, the rules are simple.  "Link up and list as many things as you wish to share that you have learned this year or over the years teaching.  They can be funny, serious, and everything in between.  Have fun!"

Okay, here goes.  This is what I have learned this year and over the last 27 years:

1)  When your daughter is a senior in high school, the time passes faster than the speed of light!  (Sweetie, I am going to miss you next year!!)

2)  Apparently, the production of offspring by only one parent is not asexual reproduction, but immaculate conception.

3)  When teaching a standard class for the first time in 21 years, the teacher becomes the student and the students become the teacher.  I learned the true joy of bringing biology to life to these students.

4)  Many kids really depend on a teacher as a friend or a "mom" because they do not have one at home.

5)  I have learned that the rise in health insurance costs is indirectly proportional to my teaching salary.  ARG!

6)  Whatever shows up on the display of a calculator is the true answer, just because "My calculator says so!"

7)  A kid who appears to be the least interested in your class, is often the most interested.

8)  When a student hides his candy wrappers in the lab bench, the roaches, ants, and mice will find them, even if the teacher doesn't.

9)  The AP exam seems to come earlier and earlier every year.

10)  The joy of teaching a child grows infinitely each year!


  1. Thanks for sharing!!
    -Katie -the ice cream icon :)

  2. Ants like unwashed soda cans for making rovers too! Found that out the hard way this week. Hope you have a great summer as well!

  3. Several years ago, I found a snake in my lab. It was wrapped around the leg of my skeleton. No joke!